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How to buy apartment in the secondary market, not to deceive yas acres

Sometimes the cost of apartments on the secondary housing is cheaper than in the primary market, which is associated with the depreciation of the building and, in some

buy apartment yas acres

cases, inconvenient layout. Most often the price is lower than the average in the houses of the old Fund. In this case, buying a resale property involves risk: the market consists of a fraudulent scheme, in the documents of the owner may be errors, which will lead to civil disputes after completion of the transaction. To safely buy an apartment on the secondary market through an Agency, you will save time and get additional guarantees and benefits. If you decide to act independently, to follow our tips to not be deceived.

Tip 1. Verify the seller's apartment.

Request a contract of sale, certificate of inheritance or other legal documents. If the sale does the Trustee verify the authenticity of the proxy, it must be notarized. Please note the date of the conclusion yas acres of the document if the validity period is not specified, authorization valid for 1 year. Before the signing of the deal insist on a personal meeting with the owner to see whether he agrees with the sale of the property.

Tip 2. Examine the owner.

The most common problems when buying or selling property occur when the owner is suffering from alcoholism, drug addiction or mild mental disorders. His health may cause a claim on the part of relatives, which will consider the sale void.

Tip 3. Check the status of the object.

The apartment should not be under arrest or be used as collateral. To double-check it on the website of Rosreestr based on electronic extracts from USRR. Verify the absence of debts for utilities, it can be done on the basis of receipts and statements of accounts. If the property is jointly acquired marital property, the sale requires the consent of the spouse. If you sold a share — part of the apartment, other owners shall in writing waive the pre-emptive right of purchase. If the house is listed for resettlement, buy it illegal. If the apartment is rent, the owner has the right to sell it prior to the completion of the lease only with the agreement of the tenant.

Tip 4. Find out how many owners changed the apartment and how often it is resold.

Multiple resales of the property for a short period of time can indicate serious problems: dysfunctional neighbors, a leaky roof, an emergency condition of a building or utilities. To learn about previous transactions, ask to see an extract from the unified state register.

Tip 5. Fix the order of transfer of money.

The seller has the right to request a Deposit as a guarantee that the transaction will take place. Thus it is better to enter into a contract advance that will allow the buyer to withdraw their money in case of unforeseen circumstances. The document can also be prescribed penalties for refusing the deal, as well as information about the technical condition of the apartment. When you receive an advance, the seller gives the potential buyer a receipt. After mamsha al saadiyat collecting and processing all the necessary paperwork transaction and shall transfer all remaining amounts: cash, but more often all the same to transfer to a Bank account.

Tip 6. Check in advance the nuances.

Negotiations with the seller should include not only the transfer of money but also of other important issues: the procedure for discharge of residents, the actual liberation of the living space, possibility of transfer of ownership or export of equipment, plumbing, furniture that is in the apartment. All these details are discussed in advance and written in the contract. Very clearly, you need to specify the order of discharge of the residents. To prevent problems after the transaction, you can require that all tenants are checked out before making your purchase.

How to buy an apartment without intermediaries and realtor: step by step instructions

Step 1. Select the correct time.

According to experts, the best time to buy a resale property and housing in General, spring or autumn. At this time, the market presents the largest selection of objects and you can select the best offer. During warm time of the year easier to move and to make repairs. Summer real estate market fades out because of the holiday season, and in winter due to bad weather conditions which can create difficulties when moving.

Step 2. Select and examine a few suitable options.

When contacting the Agency you will be offered three or more apartments that fit your requirements. If you are looking for housing on their own, act in the same way — compare a few suitable options. So you can choose the most convenient layout, get an idea of pricing. Discuss the value of the property with the owner, possible paperwork, sales, and other details of the transaction. 

Step 3. You make the investment.

The transaction of sale of immovable property is based on documents:

  • passport of buyer and seller;

  • title documents to the object;

  • application for registration of the contract;

  • the receipt of payment of state duty;

  • more evidence: the permission of the Trustees, co-owners, powers of attorney.

The buyer has the right to demand: an extract from ARGN; registration; an extract

buy an apartment mamsha al saadiyat

from the house register to check how many people registered in the apartment or discharged if all the tenants; the reference from the maintenance service about absence of debt for services of the management company.

Even if the self-finding accommodation, the contract of purchase and sale takes place in the presence of a notary. The only exceptions are those cases where the owner of one: he can enter into a contract in writing and invite the notary at will. Agreement shall be in accordance with established standards and includes required information:

he address of the object;

  • characteristics of real estate registration certificate;

  • sale price;

  • data of seller and buyer;

  • conditions of transfer of ownership, payment, eviction.

After notarization of the transaction, register the transfer of ownership to the new owner. Arrange the sale of an apartment and ownership through MFC or Department of Federal registration service.

The registration office must submit the documents described above. State registration takes up to 3 months. After that, the buyer becomes the full owner of the apartment.

Step 4. You should give the money.

The parties to the transaction pre-agree on method and procedure of transfer of funds: cash, transfer via Bank account or through a Bank cell. The cost of notary services and other specialists may be fixed or depend on the value of the property. The cost of the state duty for registration of the contract pays the buyer, notary services pay agreement — only one of the parties or in half.The text size exceeds the maximum


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