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Important information about commercial real estate mamsha al saadiyat

Property can be divided into three major groups: land, residential property and commercial property.

commercial purpose  mamsha al saadiyatThe main characteristic that distinguish commercial property from other shows that all of it is used in some way to produce income, profits in the manufacturing, retail, hotel or other business. The use of such premises for habitation impossible.

What is it?

The following are the purpose of those objects and definition of the meaning of non-residential premises of the group.

  • The property, which has a commercial purpose, or its share is buildings, premises, objects that are used to extract a steady income for residential purposes, they do not apply. 
  • The demand for such buildings and premises is constantly growing, especially in large cities.
  • The building is a freestanding architectural structure that can be used for shopping centers, hotels, for offices, etc.
  • The premises is part of the building, which are often located on ground floors in residential buildings.
  • The objects are all commercial sites, which are divided into two types: direct income-generating and creating the conditions for its production (mostly industrial).

You can highlight features of commercial real estate:

  • Any kind can be taken (or take) to rent, sell or buy, use as collateral at the Bank for the loan, right to pass.
  • Any kind should bring a steady income to the owner

The pros and cons

Many people consider investing in the property is the most universal method of investment. Consider all the mamsha al saadiyat arguments in more detail, the following advantages (pros) of such investment:

  1. For example, if the same value of the apartment and office, course, office space will bring in more revenue because the rent will be more expensive than renting an apartment.

The pros and cons mamsha al saadiyat

  1. Investment in this real estate is much more effective than Bank deposits or securities.

Among the shortcomings:

  • For the purchase of the facility will require a significant amount of money.
  • There is a risk of damage.
  • Susceptibility to crises.

Of course, investing in a commercial property is worth, you need to consider some of the circumstances and nuances, which will largely depend on the شقق للبيع في ابوظبي further successful development of business. First and foremost, you need to carefully choose the location of the object:

  • For office ideal location will be close to the subway, with a large cross.
  • For food shop fit crowded place with easy access (preferably on the ground floor).
  • For storage most importantly – a sufficient area for loading and unloading and transport accessibility.

The types and permissible to accommodate such facilities in a residential building

You can highlight the most significant types of property:

  • Office is real estate, which is rented as office space.
  • Commercial – premises where the commercial activity (shops, showrooms, shopping centers, etc.).
  • Warehouse – these spaces are designed for storing all kinds of goods.
  • Industrial purpose – there being a variety of productive activities (factories, small businesses).
  • A free appointment – it is possible to use for different types of activities.The text size exceeds the maximum

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