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What to look out for when buying an apartment 

Buying an apartment is a responsible and troublesome business. Each buyer knows at least approximately what kind of property he wants to buy. However, often transactions are made on the basis of emotions, when the property just liked, something liked. In this case, buyers do not always adequately assess the property, turning a blind eye to some shortcomings. That is why it is worth taking an experienced specialist, to write a preliminary plan of inspection of the apartment, for example, which is paramount to buy an apartment even with disadvantages to be able to get a discount.What to look out for when buying an apartment

The first thing the buyer should be interested in is the adjacent area. It is necessary to check the availability of parking, if indicated, playgrounds. Also important is the condition of the stairs, serviceability of the elevator, especially if the number of storeys in the apartment is high.

When inspecting the apartment itself, the layout is very important, experienced professionals can determine whether the redevelopment was only crossing the threshold, and if it was, the question arises: whether it is legal in the authorities BTI. Otherwise, the buyer will have to spend additional money and time. If the layout of the apartment does not suit you, get acquainted with the location of the supporting walls and whether it will be possible to redo everything at your request.

It is better to inspect the living space without furniture, so the view is more objective. In corner apartments, check the walls for fungus and dampness, apartments on the top floor for leaks from the ceiling, as the roof can leak. Raw may also be on the ground floor if the basement is poorly ventilated. By the way, the presence of cosmetic presale repair may indicate the concealment of defects in the apartment. It is best when the repair is available and it is "burned" by the owners. Evaluate the sound insulation of the apartment in complete silence, so heard the noise of the street, public transport.

It is important to inspect communications: electrical wiring, sewerage, water pipes, radiators, especially if there will be no major repairs after purchase. Equally important is the heat conductivity of the apartment. And in this case the season is not the best, because in winter you can evaluate the heating of the apartment, but you will not know for sure how hot it will be in summer and vice versa.What to look out for when buying an apartment

The most expensive and time-consuming places in terms of repair are also subject to inspection: floors and ceilings, interior and entrance doors, double-glazed windows, plumbing, the general condition of the bathroom and kitchen.

There is also such an important "infrastructure" of the apartment as good neighbors, and it is better to communicate with them. After all, there is a possibility that on the stairwell you will live with an alcoholic who loves noisy night drunkenness, or the neighbors make repairs, then the construction noise in the apartment and garbage on the stairwell can not be avoided, or above you live a large family, then a child's squeal, crying and screaming will be a long companion of your life.

When choosing an apartment it is impossible to predict everything, but experienced real estate agents of our agency can give la rosa villanova many important tips in the context of the property options under consideration. The most alarming for the buyer should be the price yas acres of the apartment is much lower than the market price, this is how the property is sold by crooks - hurriedly and for emaar beachfront a low price.

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